Different Ways to Pamper Your Baby

Pampering Your Baby seems like something that will come naturally to parents and guardians. As true as this is, having a little help and talking about it also helps. It never hurts to have more and better ideas on how to pamper a baby. There are lots of articles written on this and even books. So this article summarizes some of the most common and easy ways you can pamper your baby and make them feel loved and special. Happy baby happy life.

Respect your child

Resecting a child is something that many parents and adults, in general, need to learn and be reminded of. Just because a child is young, inexperienced and mostly can’t take care of themselves does not mean that they do not deserve respect. Respecting your child starts when they are a baby and then grow into a toddler and then their teen years.

Starting early makes you familiar with it and it becomes second nature. Respecting your child comes in different forms. Paying attention to their needs, avoid laughing at them when they make mistakes or have strange requests (except it’s a healthy laugh and they can see the humor in it also). Be sensitive to their likes and dislikes, what irritates them, what makes them happy, what makes them embarrassed or changes their mood.

Fully understanding your child’s needs will not be easy or even possible but having a mutually accepted rhythm and way to handle things will help. Fine tune yourself to recognize what the child really wants, and within the limits of practicality and common sense make that available.

Pampering Your Baby

Do not overprotect or over-pamper children. Do not compare them to peers who do better or who you think are doing better. this is a big no-no. Be firm when you want to point out their faults but also encourage and motivate them to do better. Do not differentiate between siblings or pit them against each other. You will create the premise for jealousy that children may have all through their lives.

Do not evade questions or lie to children in tricky situations. You never know when they will do the same and fool you and others. Do not discipline your kids too much or give them too much leeway. This is kinda tricky as both tend to eventually mess up children’s emotional quotient and warp their social skills.

Somewhere along the line we, as parents, end up either becoming too sensitive to children’s demands and strive to fulfill their every wish, or we implement tough disciplinary guidelines where children are deprived of love and warmth. Find a healthy balance and if you worry that you can’t keep in mind that the fact that you’re thinking about finding a balance means 50% of the job is already done and you will, in fact, find the balance and be the best parents to your kids.

Instill Values

Instilling the right values in your kid is one of the most wholesome ways you can pamper your kid. This is something that will last them in their lifetime. Teach your kids ethics and morals and teach them to be kind and to give. The best and easiest way to instill the right values in your child is to lead by example. Treat everyone around you with love and respect.

Let sincerity be evident in every word and action when interacting with people always and especially in the presence of a child. Kids pick up even the slightest things. Honesty and transparency in interpersonal relations are inculcated in the child when you infuse them in your interactions with everyone. It would, therefore, be redundant to say that you should avoid bickering, shouting and slinging insults at one another. 

Now we’ve mentioned the deep quantitative ways you can pamper your child, let’s talk about some other ways you can pamper your baby to have them feeling good and refreshed.

A lukewarm bath:

Giving your baby a nice bath in the afternoon or evening or anytime of the day sets them in a good relaxed mood. The water should be the right temperature for them to really enjoy themselves. Give them a nice bath with gentle smelling soap, and a soft sponge and sing to them as you do this or play with them or give them toys like rubber duckies during the bath.

Change their diaper regularly:

Yes changing your baby’s diaper is part of the routine you have as a parent. But taking extra care when you do this and doing it frequently is a way to pamper your baby and leave them always feeling refreshed. Your baby’s skin is extra soft and so when they wear diapers for long duration will leave a rash or irritation on the skin. Ensure you check their diapers frequently and change them at regular intervals. Use soft diapers and soft cotton nappies to keep them air dry and comfortable. Avoid rough fabrics or vigorous swipes and rubbing in order to maintain a rash free bottom.

Give them an oil massage:

Giving our baby a regular oil massage will help keep their limbs and body supple, strong and smooth. Perhaps once a week you can give them a full body massage with nice and gentle oils. This will prevent their kids from drying and flaking especially during the winter months. They will definitely enjoy the massage and pampering and this will make them happy and feel loved. When it comes to the oils and lotions you use on your baby. Choose a brand that is trusted and nice smelling. This will keep them soft and cuddly.

Freshly laundered clothes:

Your babies clothes retain their softness and gentle nature so make sure you launder them correctly. Wash your baby’s clothes separately and use a detergent made specially for baby clothes. Makes sure the clothes are dried completely and ironed before putting them on your baby. Make sure you change their clothes periodically and when they are stained or dirty. This will keep them always feeling refreshed, comfortable, and pampered.

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